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Saurabh Pawar

It is my pleasure to write about the hasslefree and smooth experience of my permanent resident visa appllication for Australia through Amyn and his team at Immigration Solutions Mumbai. A sincere thank you to all of them .

I came to know about Amyn from the list of registered migration agents at There are many fake agents around in Mumbai, please don't fall for them .

My first impression itself about Amyn was that of a thorough professional , and this impression kept on building . He is an expert in this field and knows exactly what he is doing. Not even once did I face the issue of a delay or mistake from his side. In my case, we had a very tight timeline to follow for filing the application before rules changed on July 1st 2012 . However we meet the deadlines very easily due to Amyn's promptness. I am glad to say today that my entire application process took just around 3 1/2 months which included State Sponsorship for NSW .

Thanks a ton Amyn for helping me obtain a PR for Australia which could actually be a big turning point in my life . You have helped me open a whole new horizon in front of me . Thank you again .

Abhijit Jathar

Amazing Amyn!
I think this describes his work better. Amyn has in-depth knowledge about laws of immigration and the processes of various countries. My Australian PR subclass 176 was granted to me much faster than I had expected.
Thanks Amyn and Meenaz for such a wonderful service and guidance you had given to me at every step.
Earlier I was a bit skeptical about going to the immigration agents since I had heard about a lot of bad experiences and frauds in this area. But I am very fortunate to have found Amyn, a right person, at the right time.
Right from the beginning, I found his work thoroughly professional and most importantly, very transparent. In a short span of time I gained confidence in his service and here I am with the positive result.
Amyn and Meenaz, both are very sincere and hide nothing from you. All you have to do is follow their instructions and be ready with the requirements. I am definitley going to seek their help in the future too.
I also recommend anyone requiring immigration services to approach Amyn & Meenaz without any hesitation. I can assure, you won't regret.
Thanks Amyn & Meenaz.
I wish you both and Immigration Solutions all the best wishes to continue with your success.

Pradip and Deepthy Nair

My wife and I had decided that we wanted to settle down in Australia and given our backgrounds we had felt that it was going to be a tough process. However I discovered quite by accident that our professions were part of the State Sponsored Migration Plans. However the sheer amount of documentation required made us a little unsure and that’s when we decided to seek the services of an agent
We came across Amyn on the MARA Website and by a happy coincidence discovered that he had helped another friend with this visa application. Based on his recommendation we contacted Amyn and met him
Right off the bat, Amyn provided us with realistic assessments on the timelines and results. It was based on his recommendation that we decided that my wife should be the primary applicant. His assessment of our success was spot on as my skill assessment was a tough process, but my wife’s assessment went off smoothly. Amyn also helped us with choosing the best place to apply for state sponsorship. This was again because of his up to date knowledge of the changes in immigration information. There were times when we would become impatient or stressed and it was Amyn’s cool professionalism and patience that would see us through those times.
Once the assessment was complete it was a smooth journey. Our documentation was solid which was based on Amyn’s advice and we got our visa grant within 40 days of Visa application!
In a field where agents are often looked at with skepticism, Amyn has proven to be a thorough professional who conducts his business with utmost integrity and transparency.
We are more than impressed with Amyn and Immigration Solutions and we highly recommend Amyn and Immigration Solutions!

Sarabjit Bhatti

I was able to realize my dream of migrating to Australia, in just 7 months, because of Amyn's Immigration Solutions. I would like to say that Amyn is Professional, Honest, Sincere and equally concerened as the applicant , in making them achieve the goal of Migration. I can vouch for his services.

This is because, in the past I have applied for Canada under Skilled Worker category as well as for Work Permit, through two different consultants & the difference in terms of services that were offered was immense. Just to share with you, one thing which I observed with other consultants was, once I had paid thier fees, I saw a remarkable change in their attitude towards me. It was, as if I was bothering them and it was only me who was concerned, and I got the feeling that they were least bothered about my case. But Amyn was very cooperative and guided me through the entire process like an elder brother. Not only this, he also helps applicants through post landing services and is genuinely interested that his clients settle succesfully after they land in Australia .

Amyn is approachable, transparent and very systematic. He and Meenaz form a terrific team. I really appreciate his knowledge , dedication and commitment towards his work . I would recommend Amyn's Immigration Solutions to all the people who aspire to migrate to Australia. He is the Best in Industry!!!

Thanks Amyn & Meenaz ,
Sarabjit & Amandeep Bhatti

Arvinth Sridharan

Dear Amyn / Meenaz,

Before I begin sharing my feedback & experience, I want to say a big thank you to both of you deep from my heart for making my dreams come true. The process involved in getting a permanent resident visa is really a daunting task and you both have made it really easy for me.

I still couldn't believe that the entire visa process including stamping is over in just 5 months time. I came to know about the Australian skilled visa process through my friends only in the month of February 2012. I started researching a lot in the internet, read different forums, learned about MARA agents, went through govt MARA site, collected as much info as I could but still wasn't convinced entirely whether to enroll myself into this lengthy process or not. There were many questions running in my mind and I was too skeptical about this whole visa process.

Some of the questions were..

1. Do I need to enroll myself into this process?

2. Do I need to spend my hard earned money and what happens if I don't get my visa?

3. Do I need to go via MARA agent or non registered MARA agents?

4. Would Agent understand my requirements and what I am aiming for?

5. What if I fail at any point during this process? ( Ex: ACS, IELTS or at DIAC stages)

etc etc etc.. and the question list would be endless.......

Finally, I decided to go via MARA agent as I didn't want to take any chances with the documentation, skills assessment or at DIAC stages and MARA agent would know what is required to make an application successful. Well next part is choosing a right MARA agent, to be honest I would have spoken with 6 agents including 2 in Australia before contacting you. There were many reasons for not choosing them and I don't think it would be appropriate to mention the reason in this email...

When I first contacted Amyn over phone, I got more clarity on this process and felt that I may have a smooth ride in this whole visa journey. I registered with Immigration Solutions on Feb 22nd and after meeting Amyn in person my confidence grew exponentially. I wouldn't have applied for this visa process if Amyn had not given me the assurance which was really the turning point.

As I started working on the documentation part for ACS skills assessment, I had many queries on reference letters, format, content etc. There were 5 iterations done to my reference letters before Amyn approved the final version which shows that content and document we present is really important.

175 Visa subclass was filed on April 18th and I would have probably submitted close to 80 documents to Amyn/Meenaz during this entire visa process. All the documents I submitted were properly maintained in both system and in a separate file (Physical copy) and I never had to resend any of them at any stage which really impressed me.

During the visa processing stage, I had so many queries and whenever I couldn't reach Amyn, I called Meenaz immediately to get her views and opinion..If I think about it, I would have probably called her zillion times to clarify all my queries sometimes even basic questions and she answered it very politely with a lot of calmness in her voice and patience..She has been brilliant throughout and very very supportive..

I finally received my magic email(Visa grant) from Amyn on June 27th and the feeling was amazing, no words to explain it.

You both are very knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and with no doubt I would certainly recommend Immigration Solutions to my family / friends/colleagues. Probably an advice which I want to give to all your future clients "Submit the documents and leave it to Amyn/ Meenaz". Rest assured they will take care of everything.

Thank you once again and I wish you both all the very best.

Well this is not over yet, I will be contacting you soon for spouse visa. :-)

Arvinth Sridharan

Ariel De Sa - Skilled Migration to Australia

I heard about Immigration Solutions through a close friend who was also applying for Australian PR through the Skilled Workers quota. Amyn and his team come through as thorough professionals who see the job through till the end. During the process, I didnt always have time to follow up with him due to work and travel commitments, Amyn always made sure that he kept me up to date with any upcoming deadlines etc. My total process was completed in less than 6 months (end to end) and even I'm surprised at how effortless and painless it was.

Kudos to Amyn and Meenaz for ensuring that I faced no unknown hiccups on the way.

Mayuri Shah

Dear Mr.Amyn Patel,

Thank you very much for all the help you have rendered us for securing the State Sponsorship visa 475 subclass for Australia. Actually we had lost the hope of getting it, but it was all possible because of your positive attitude, efforts and hard -work.

Mr.Amyn you really will never understand what you have given me and my family- "a hope to live together for life"
I and my whole family thanks you from bottom of our heart.

I would definitely like to recommend you strongly to all of those who want to migrate to other countries.

God bless you. My regards to Meenaz as well. Thank you for making my dream come true,

Kapil Awasthi

Its been great to have my visa application handled by qualified professional like you. You have acted very sincerely in my interest throughout the duration of the my PR application procedure.You have never shown lackadaisical attitude while handling my application and always been quick in solving any complications and issues.
Its because of your hard work, amount of effort you have put in and your expertise in the field, I have VE 176 approval in my hand so quickly.I would endorse Immigration Solutions for anyone who is seeking migration to Australia.

Amyn Meenaz,
Many Thanks to you for your endeavours
Keep up the good work :)

Nilesh M.

Thanks for making the entire Australian PR Visa processing (for me and my family) easier, effortless and most importantly, successful. I had real time constraints since I did not want to affect my work-life balance by investigating on whats/hows of what I needed to do for visa. Thanks to you and your clear advises that saved a lot of time in collection/preparation of the documents required for the application. Surely, you have a lot of knowledge and experience about these processing, as I do not remember a single instance when I didn't promptly, completely and clearly get an answer for all sorts of queries I had. I wish our government worked like you; that would have saved us those only delays that occurred during the visa processing. ;)

I don't feel a slightest hesitation in saying the whole experience was super smooth with you and meenaz. I wish all the good luck to Immigration Solutions for the bright future that it deserves. :)

Shilpa Singh

Hi Amyn/Meenaz,

We had come to you at a point when we weren’t sure even to apply for migrating to Australia as we were very close to the process change date i.e. 1st July 2012. Moreover, googling all the time about the process of immigration really discourages a person to take this step. As it’s mentioned, each time this takes 2-3 yrs.

Nevertheless, we decided to go through many agents, we screened their IQ over calls and few we met. Though what sets you apart from the rest is your non-tempting and non pushing attitude to apply for the process, you thoroughly enjoy spending time with us to make us understand and analyze our case, instead of hurrying us into the process. You are quiet straight forward and to the point to all my doubts and queries. Your immense knowledge in this field helped us to have confidence in you. You excel in this.

I know this entire process needs a lot of fool proof documentation which wouldn’t have been possible if you wouldn’t have gathered my entire education history and experience. It takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance. I think the biggest fear in mind was of not getting through,but this fear was not a part of our journey of 7 months with you. You have been patient, informative and have come with very quick solutions.
I recommend you to all my friends, acquaintances, and people going though this site may even touch base with me at my LinkedIn.

We really regard your services to be very polished and professional.
With Best Wishes,
Sachin & Shilpa

Sachin Bhalerao

Dear Mr. Amyn,

Thank you for the courtesy and effort you showed me and my family for obtaining our PR Visas (Subclass 176 ) for Australia.

It was my dream to settle in Australia and I was pursuing it since 2007. I had gone through several Immigration Consultants and Agent from Mumbai and Pune, but all in vain in form of time and money. It was by grace of God that in October 2010 my wife Bela met you in your office by mistake as she was supposed to meet another Immigration Consultants. Then, when I came to meet you I realized that my Immigration Process is very critical ( As my qualification and Age criteria were the critical part in the process ) by your tremendous knowledge and experience about PR rules & Regulations.The guidance & the support you had given me was something I had never experienced from my past Agents.

You made my process so easy with your extraordinary efforts that no one can, which I had experienced personally like a "MIRACLE". Today I am living my dream only because of you. Even my best friend who was experiencing the same situation like me, was introduced to you by me, and now he is feeling that his case is in safe hands.

At last, I would like to thank you again which can not be expressed in words. I will appreciate you for your priceless service. God Bless You.


Sachin S. Bhalerao

Prasun Sinha

Dear Immigration Solutions team,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the remarkable services rendered by Immigration Solutions in assisting my family’s Tier 1 dependent visa of UK. Immigration Solutions handled my case from start to end so well that the processing by British High Commission was very smooth and no question was asked.

I found Amyn in the first visit itself very knowledgeable about the rules and regulation of UKBA. So, I appreciate Amyn’s up-to-date knowledge about the emigration rules of UK Immigration which provides cutting edge to him in the competition and a very high level of assurance to the persons who are interested in Overseas Consultants in Mumbai. Ms. Meenaz also helped in continuous follow up with my family in application filling and final file preparation of the file when main applicant (Tier 1 visa holder) was in UK.

Overall Immigration Solutions is very professional, organized and focussed to minute details.My family received the successfully stamped Tier 1 (General) dependent visa in flat 3 working days, which is awesome. I would certainly recommend the valuable services of Immigration Solutions to anyone who wishes to take professional help on emigration.

Great work keep it up!

Thanks and Regards,
Prasun Sinha

Praisy Scaria

As it's quoted "The First Impression is the Best Impression" and this is how I would like to describe Mr.Amyn. In our first conversation itself I understood that he is really a professional. Our dream to immigrate to Australia wouldnt have been possible without his support. We had lodged our application in the year of 2009 through another unregistered agent and due to complications, had lost all hopes with regards to our application. Later this year June 2012, I came to know about Mr.Amyn through a family friend and after contacting Mr.Amyn not only did he get the State Sponsorship for us but also the visa. He efficiently worked on the documentation and within 2 months of contacting hin, our Visa was granted. Thanks to Mr. Amyn and his team. Keep up the good work and All the Best in your future endeavors!!!

Nirmal Jaswani - Resident Return Visa (RRV)

I would like to thank Amyn & Meenaz for their kind support offered to me for obtaining the Australian Return Resident Visa” – Both of them guided me nicely right from my initial meeting with them and the way they conducted their business is impressive. To the Point, Clean, Swift – No Dodgy Business (which scares many of us from the Word – AGENTS) – They were very transparent about the time frame which will be involved – even frank with me that they will be able to lodge my application after a certain month because of their heavy workload and requested me to be patient with them for a couple of weeks which I did – BUT – Once the application was lodged and I was chasing them for an acknowledgement of receipt from Australian High Commission as it had been almost 8 working days and we didn’t hear anything from AHC – BINGO – the 9th working day I received a call from Amyn saying that I have been granted a Visa and my passport with the RRV Visa has been received at his office already that morning.
Immigration Solutions (Amyn & Meenaz) get more than a Pat on their backs for their good work - my Good Wishes are always with them and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to use migration agents in Mumbai as the Specialists in Migration. In addition Amyn is also registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia).

Nikesh Panchal

Following is what I would express about my experience with Immigration Solutions.
"When we decided to apply for the Permanent Residency Visa for Australia (Australia PR), what we needed was an adviser who can guide us through the entire process of visa application. I can say that we benefited a lot from the professional approach of Immigration Solutions. Their clear understanding of the application process and requirement of DIAC of Australia ensured that each step we took during the application process was correct at the first place itself. We are very glad on having the visa services granted, in fact much earlier than we hoped. Thanks to Immigration Solutions the entire process was hassle-free. I would like to express my complete satisfaction and gratitude towards the consultation services provided by Immigration Solutions. "

Vrushali Muranjan - Skilled Regional Sponsored

Dear Amyn

Thank you very much for all the help you have rendered us for securing the state sponsorship visa 475 sub-class for Australia. We have got our visa much before the time line we anticipated. You have been a great agent through out.
The qualities of good migration agent are to have in-depth Knowledge about migration process and Immigration Laws of country, fortunately you possess all of them. You have always been very attentive to our queries and have been guiding us in right direction
Mine was little different situation than other applicants as I wanted my entire family to migrate which included me, my husband, my son and my mother-in-law. You made that possible!!!
I would definitely like to recommend you strongly to all of those who want venture out of India for migrating to other counties & seeking Overseas Consultants in Mumbai.

Vrushali Mandar Muranjan & Family

Neelam Karkera and Family - Skilled PR Visa for Australia

Dear Amyn and Meenaz,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the tremendous professional service provided to me and my family for the Permanent Residency visas to Australia. It was a very wonderful experience since I associated with your company for my visa process. Your approach towards the entire process was very professional and positive. Though there were several ups and down with the Australian visa laws, it eventually resulted with visa as finally granted on 19th July 2011.
I appreciate the services and guidance provided by you, in achieving our goal. I really appreciate the worth mentioning efforts of you both, whenever I came up with clarification.
Keep up the good work and “All the best to you “
Once again, thanking you!

Neelam Shrikant Karkera

Emran and Huma Naziri - State Sponsored Migration to Australia

Dear Amyn,
It is with much pleasure that we write thanking you for your invaluable help during a difficult period in which we had virtually given up trying to obtain our Permanent Residency Visas. We had been given so much negative advice by two solicitors, untill we were referred to you. You were so very positive in your attitude to us, we came away, at last , feeling someone was actually listening to us and would do their utmost to support our applications. Though being residing in Qatar, we never got a chance to meet but yet our application was processed smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble, and your knowledge of the Immigration Legislation astounded us, at a time when we could not understand any of the paperwork involved. It has been such a pleasure to know you, and the day you informed us, after such a short time, that we had been granted our visas just astounded us, to say the least. Your fees were so minimal to what we had previously been quoted, you earned every dollar. We both wish you all the very best for the future, and hope you can be of such positive help to others in a similar predicament as ourselves.
Yours very gratefully,
Emran & Huma Naziri

Dhritiman Sanyal - State Sponsored Migration to Australia

Dear Amyn,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know, that I have been very fortunate to have met both you and Meenaz at the most appropriate time in my life. Even though during the course of our application, the law changed many times, your unerring instinct in choosing the right option, and may I add much against mine, was a superb calculated risk which paid off handsomely in the end.
Well what else can I say besides ... THANK YOU so very much for ALL your hard work in helping us to get our Australian Skilled Migration Visas in record time and when I was sure I would be turned down your call was like manna from heaven----however the prank that you played at the end----nearly scared the living hell out of me.
I know a couple of people who are considering moving to Australia and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Here is hoping that the good work am just hoping you manage to find a great and better job for me in Adelaide. Wish you all the luck and may all your dreams come true this New Year.

Warm Regards,
Dhritiman Sanyal

Prina Oza - Skilled regional Migration to Australia

Hope this mail finds you well. This is to inform you that I've reached
Adelaide on 17th April. Am staying here with an Indian Gujarati family.

Enjoying the location & weather over here. Adelaide is a beautiful city.

Have applied for TFN and have also started hunting for job. Will keep you posted on the same.
My regards to Menaz as well. Thank you for making my dream come true, looking forward to meet
you in Adelaide.

Thanks & Regards
Prina Oza

Sunny Jaisinghani - Spouse Visa for UK

I worked with Amyn very briefly for my wife's dependant VISA Application and documentation and I found him very confident and personable which did put us at ease.
His team at 'Immigration Solutions' is very helpful as well and I personally recommend them to anybody who would avail of their services in the future

Sandeep Dubey

Hello Amyn,
I would like you to display this so that anyone who has a negative about HSMP can read it and see it for themselves that it works at Immigration solutions. We saw one of these letters hanging at the pin board first when we walked in through your office entrance and thought we would also be one day a success story for somebody to emulate.
You make it work. By the time we had come to you, we had lost a good amount of money to a Pune based immigration consultant, worst still we lost a year with them in chasing around the wrong papers and we were putting up with their rash behaviour all the time, so that we can get our immigration through. We were also losing faith and enthusiasm in coming to the UK and were mentally reconciling to a compromise thinking we could never ever live and work in UK. We were skeptical when we walked into your office because of our earlier experiences – but we were hopeful. Thank goodness, with you we got our approval within weeks.
You have been professional in your approach right from the day 1 when I and my wife casually walked in to your office to the day when we went to VFS UK at Churchgate to drop our passports with approval letter in our hands. You took care of all the concerns or shall I call them butterflies in the stomach feelings.
Your expert guidance when we ourselves did not believe in it was so reassuring. All we did was we believed in your capabilities. You were quick enough to judge that ours was a genuine case and hence could overturn all obstacles that came our way. Without your letter to the home office, without you telling us the formats and the documents, our dream of working and living in UK would have remained a dream. Looking back from here, when | am settled in a good job and my wife and kid are integrating to the British life, all I can say that you were the differentiator and the deciding factor in our HSMP dream. When we came to you all we had was a dream to live in UK, thanks to you, we are living our dream now - everyday. You not even once lost your patience – not even during the testing times, not even when I was pestering you sometimes very late in the evening. That made it so much easier for us. We have also found a good friend and a good human being in you.
All I can say is - Excellent work! Keep up the good work and make it HAPPEN for many more that need guidance
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Rahul Nair - Skilled Migration to Australia

" All those who have a dream of immigrating to Australia, the UK, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Hong Kong or USA, Amyn Patel of Immigration Solutions is the person to contact.

I and my wife started our process of obtaining a PR Visa to Australia with Amyn's support in January 2009. He literally handheld us through the entire process whether it was finalizing the drafts of the work reference formats to be sent for assessment, the documents required for assessment, the target scores to be obtained for IELTS, preparing for IELTS, the best approach to applying for a visa, undergoing medicals or completing change in circumstances documents. He guided us through it all. We obtained our Australia PR Visa on August 10, 2010 and I would not hesitate to say that if it wasn't for Amyn's guidance ably supported by his team member Meenaz, I do not think we would have got the visa.

Obtaining a PR visa is the job of specialists & a specialist like Amyn Patel of Immigration Solutions with his thorough professional approach ensures that he gets the job done for you.

I therefore strongly recommend Amyn Patel & Immigration Solutions to all those who desire to immigrate to any of the countries mentioned above & hope many more professionals benefit from his expertise & professional delivery in the same way that I have benefitted.

I wish Amyn, Meenaz & Immigration Solutions the very best for all their future endeavours & sincerely thank them for their efforts in me & my wife obtaing our Australia PR Visa.

Warm Regards,

Rahul Nair "

Sanjay and Apeksha Singh - Skilled Regional Migration to Australia

Immigration Solutions are absolutely professional people!
Special thanks to Amyn as with the virtue of his knowledge and expertise, I have got my Skilled (state sponsored) visa for Australia. The entire process right from the day of application till receiving the Visa was taken up very smoothly by the team and whatever queries aroused were answered very well. The team efforts especially that of Amyn is really appreciable. He was so friendly and always kept us updated with the progress of the application. It was truly a wonderful experience. I have recommended it to all my friends.
Amyn and Immigration Solutions rock !
Sanjay & Apeksha Singh

Aby Paul - Skilled Independent Visa forAustralia

Dear Immigration Solutions team,

We have received the Australian VISA stamped…a great job done much early than we expected…let us thank you for the wonderful services rendered by you and your team from the bottom of our heart.

We are pleased with the quality of your service and sincerely appreciate your responsiveness all the time. You have helped us with conceiving, planning and executing the qualification assessment program with Engineers Australia and VISA awesome task in all respects. We found a bunch of fine, highly professional, practical team aligned to our purpose.

Your team of experienced consultants demonstrated high level of expertise, professionalism, flexibility and above all, hand-holding assistance throughout the VISA process. It has been a great comfort for me and my family to work with a professional group like yours. We were very well taken care of since the beginning of the entire process.

Thanks a lot!
Wishing you all the success….
Aby Paul and Family

Joby Joseph - 475 visa for Australia

We have a great reverence in forwarding this approbation letter to you, in lieu of the sincere approach you made in processing our Australian migration visa application. In spite of all odds (with regard to Sept 23 priority change), your competence, determination and promptness has delivered a successful endeavor in all the matters dealt to us. Special thanks for providing appropriate Australian links for relocation. Mr. Mistry was very kind to us, in helping to find accommodation. In all respects we appreciate your professional and expert handling. We are grateful to you and your team for all your support and timely response. We truly commend and value your services and wish you all success in your future endeavors.
Thanking you,
Joby, Smita & Joyce

Swapnil Mahapure

Dear Amyn:

This is to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards immigration solutions for successfully processing my UK HSMP application.

It is with great pleasure that I pen down these lines for your unswerving consultancy in preparing and assessing my application.

Mine was a tricky situation of a denial supposedly due to less documents being submitted. However I admire the way you stood by me and encouraged me for an administrative review which eventually made the high commission overturn their decision and grant me entry clearance.

I appreciate the professional approach you had during the whole application process. I also admire your deep knowledge and consultancy skills in the immigration space.

Attached herewith is the copy of my visa.

Swapnil Mahapure

Siddharth Jambhrunkar - Skilled Sponsored Migration to Australia

My experience with Immigration Solutions was very good. I had been to various firms before starting with immigration process to see their working procedure and success rate.

To date there are many firms which claim to be best and an immigration seeker gets impressed with a particular firm because he sees their advertisement in leading newspapers every day, reads of them organizing seminars and helping candidates, gets impressed by claims made by the firms. Same was the case with me as well. However, after careful evaluation I decided to go ahead with Immigration Solutions.

Here I found that there were no huge and catchy claims made but they presented a factual and clear picture of immigration procedure followed by the respective countries and where they stand. That was interesting as my case was studied properly by Mr. Amyn Patel and a practical solution was offered without making any loud statements.

I was advised in a timely manner for the paper work required for further progress of my application. Certain precautionary steps were taken to avoid any hindrances in progress of application. I especially would like to thank Mr. Patel as he always helped and replied all my phone calls when I was not in Mumbai.

The duration taken for the application was accurate as mentioned by Mr. Patel to me before starting the process. After a year of me being settled in Australia, if I do have an issue Mr. Patel is ready to help me out and that's what I really appreciate. When I look back I am assured that I took the best decision of approaching Immigration Solutions for my visa process. I can assure for future immigration seekers to take the advantage of the expertise offered by Immigration Solutions.

Praveen Menon


Before coming to Immigration Solutions, I was very nervous thinking about my migration to UK. I had met a couple of other consultants before approaching you but I was not at all happy. The day we had our first face to face conversation, I knew that I have made the right choice and I was very positive (also a bit nervous) about my Tier 1 visa. You are a true professional, someone who is well versed with immigration laws and a person who has the ability to take off the pressure from people (like me) who approach you.

You are very focused, organized and you pay a lot of attention to details. You made sure that all my documents are proper by working on them untiringly. You have been a very good friend and also a guide.

I received my Tier 1 visa in 15 days (as estimated by you) all thanks to your efforts.

I can't thank you enough and I am sure that I can always count on you in case I need your help in future for any "Solutions" related to "Immigration".

Thanks a ton. God Bless!!!

Praveen Menon

Rahul Singhvi

I would like to thank Immigration Solutions so much for all the help you have provided me with.You dealt with my case in an excellent manner and helped me achieve a successful result.Mr Patel has tremendous experience and a vast knowledge and also provide good and fast results.I have achieved a successful career in London,and i would ...give most of the credit to Immigration Solutions for handling my case so well.I would also recommend them to anyone with the right interest who is willing to look for a successful career abroad.Many thanks,

Rahul Singhvi
Biomedical Associate,St Georges Hospital,London

Jigar Patel

" Immigration Solutions and Amyn Patel in particular have a great understanding on Immigration Laws for UK/Australia/Canada.I have been benefited with their experience and successfully achieved a new life in UK!

I recommend Immigration Solutions for all your immigration matters!

Jigar Patel
Development Director, VMG Global, London

Gauri Korde

First let me thank you for all the help executed to achieve the HSMP approval letter.
Mr. Amyn Patel is very disciplined, honest and passionate person. I salute him for his constant faith, consistency and patience during my application process. I had at some instances faltered, lost my hope due to some rule changes, but he stood rigidly by my side and told me not to worry. And the day dawned upon and I received the call from Amyn, I could sense the feeling of joy and excitement in his voice more than me. I am obliged by his untiring, constant efforts to complete the process. I thank Amyn a millions times for his efforts. I will always pray to the Almighty for your Health, wealth, happiness, success and prosperity. May the Almighty fulfill all your desires.

This testimonial was originally posted on our Orkut page. Click here to see it.

Kettan Jhaveri - Skilled Regional Migration to Australia

Thank you Amyn for all that you have done for my family in getting our Australia Immigration through. You are one professional guy with a super set up.
Amyn Patel is one person that I would blindly follow to the end of the world where migration processes are concerned. His knowledge about the countries he represents is amazing and he is one person you can count on getting your work done. Always there for you and no matter what silly queries you have he will listen and help you out.
Extremely approachable and friendly and a thorough professional. He got our Australia Migration Visa done within a year and we have gone and come back with our final move next year. A great friend and a super human being. I wish him and Minaz all the best for the future and I recommend him for all those who qualify to migrate to have him as your agent. With him you just can’t go wrong.

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Girish Kulkarni

Well....I agree with whatever "good", people have said about Amyn on UK Immigration. My experience is no different. Amyn is a true consultant and has a very good knowledge about UK immigration. Though I was out of India he provided a great service in arranging all my documents, verifying them, filling up all the forms and making sure that they reach me on-time. I got to know about his expertise when I came to know that I was among the few to get the visa before the rules changed. It was only because of Amyn otherwise I would had to go through much stringent process again & would have even not got my HSMP. I definitely recommend Amyn for his professionalism, great service and expertise.
Thanks Amyn.

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Dhaval Kumar Vadgama

Amyn is very friendly and Professional person , he will tell you all the facts flat in simplest possible way, You don't have to scratch your head and wonder if that means I can through visa or not not just that , he will also take liberty to suggest you the better options depending upon your skills. He has undoubtedly awesome knowledge in field of Immigration solutions certainly, a kind of person who knows what he is doing.

He made my paper work so strong that, I was holding my HSMP nearly with one week after application.

Kudos to you Amyn.

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Sonya Gugnani - Skilled Immigration to Australia

Excellent! Excellent Work! AMYN

AMYN PATEL‘s work is superb and contained all the elements of what a professional consists.
Punctuality, committed to his clients, always contactable and on numerous occasions a professional attitude when dealing with us which is probably most important when doing such work.
Certainly would recommend to all to use his services and we plan to continue our relationship with Amyn into the foreseeable future.
Thank you for all of your hard work.

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Manish Tare

A million thanks to Amyn & Immigration solutions for getting my HSMP smoothly.
I realized that to avoid rejections from VFS, the best thing to do is to consult the masters in the field. I’m very happy to say that I made no wrong choice; Amyn put his best to get my Visa smoothly.
One thing I must mention, Amyn has great concern for his customers and you always get a personal attention when you approach him with any sort of queries. He knows the in & outs of the VISA procedures and what is required to get your HSMP smoothly.
This guy is very straight, never gives you false hopes, will always make you aware of the facts and reality… one can always bank upon him.
I thank Amyn and Immigration Solutions for making my career journey easier and wish him a great success ahead!!

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Ujjwal Pawar

This guy, Amyn Patel is electrifying. Just a more than a consultant.

I got my HSMP approval within one month. His knowledge in UK immigration seems excellent because he answered all of my queries and helped me to arrange required documents.

If you are really looking for Personalized as well as Professional Services then he is the person u should meet. I like to refer all my friends and colleagues specially IT Related ppl to him for Immigration Services.

Now I am looking forward to EC from him only... & the most imp. thing abt Amyn is he is always reachable and approachable to u.

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Jasvinder Singh Nanda

Amyn Patel has made my Dream come true. I have got HSMP visa for UK stamped in 25 days and now am proceeding to migrate to the UK. It is only due to the efforts put in by Amyn that has made this possible.

I was in the USA when this application was filed. He took personal interest ,collected the required docmentation,co-ordinated with me and got me this VISA.

I am also happy to refer him to my friends and colleagues for his excellent work.

Keep up the good work Amyn....


Note: The client was in the USA during the HSMP application process.

This testimonial was originally posted on our Orkut page. Click here to see it.

Vibhas Budha Rahul

Dear Amyn,
I would like to thank Immigration Solutions for all your help, advice, and support during my application for a UK Spouse Visa.
I came to you after being rejected from my first UK spouse visa application, I needed professional help and guidance as the process of application is very complicated. After spending so much money and not receiving a positive result on my first application I was very disheartened. I was given your contact by a friend whom you had also aided with his visa application.
I came to you feeling rather dejected it is a huge setback to be refused entry of clearance to the country in which my wife is born and wishes to return to. So understandably I was disconcerted when I came to you. In the first meeting you assured me of a favorable result, and during our many meetings you always gave clear and positive advice.
Immigrations Solutions assisted with every aspect of my application, above and beyond your duty and were always ready, willing and able to answer my queries as and when I needed your support. If it was not for your vast knowledge and your genuine desire to help, then this would have not have been possible.
My UK Spouses Visa was granted in December 2009. Due to your undivided assistance and advice I was granted a little extra time on my visa to allow me to close down my work here in India before I make my journey to the UK.
Thank you so very much Amyn, for all you have done for me throughout my application process. I am truly grateful.
Yours Sincerely
Vibhas Budha Rahul.

Davis Joseph - Skilled Regional Visa for Australia

Dear Immigration Solutions,
I write this to express my extreme gratitude for the efforts you have made to get my Australian skilled Migration visa issued. I am quite sure that without your years' experience and knowledge in this field, this visa wouldn't have been issued so easily and troublelessly. It was amazing that you were able to do all these telephonically even without meeting face to face. Your accuracy in the visa procedure has helped to reduce the hurdles, which would have consumed a lot of time. Above all your co-operation and timely interference are mention worth. Expecting the same in the future also,
Davis Joseph.

Nitha Sara Cherian - Skilled Migration to Australia

Hello,my name is Nitha and I am a lecturer in Food and Nutrition working in Kottayam,Kerala. For years it had been my family’s dream to start a new life abroad. Our relentless effort all these years did not pay off, until we met Mr. Amyn Patel of Immigration Solutions, Mumbai.
Ever since we approached Mr.Patel for help our path to fullfilling this dream took a smooth turn. Just as we were promised by him, it took us only 15 months to get our papers processed. Right throughout our acquaintance Mr. Amyn and his establishment have proved their extreme loyalty and sincerity in their profession. He is well informed about every procedure that lies in process of obtaining a visa.
Thanks to Immigration Solutions and Mr. Patel... My family and I will soon be a part of other lucky families who have been able to start life afresh in Australia. Hence I take this opportunity as a privilege and honour to give a testimonial in favour of Mr. Patel. I would strongly recommend any family the name of Mr.Patel and his establishment.

Bhupendra Patel

You will walk in as a customer, and walk out as friend!
Amyn, really takes all the cases he handles personally.
He has eye for details, he has excllent knownledge on HSMP processing for UK.
He loves to take challenges. A very hard working and dedicated guy.
He will not beat around the bush he answers your query staright forward.
He actually helped me get one of my certificates as i was busy with my work.
Also, he helped me during the Entry clearance phase..
Excellent..Thrilled..these would be the words for the service he provides

Sarin Pisharody

Hi Amyn,

As requested, I am attaching the scanned copy of my UK Tier-1 Visa page.

Also as discussed earlier could you please send me the list of consultants and contact people you have so that i don't need to travel all the way.

Thanks for all your help, might require your assistance again while filing my wife's visa at a later stage.

Best Regards,

Chandresh and Eurica Kudwa

Hello Amyn,

At Last!!!! thank you so much for every thing...god bless take care

Thanks once again,

Eurica Kudwa

Balaprasad Howdekari

Hi Amyn,

I am thanking you for your assistance for getting UK Tier-1 VISA.
Please find the attached UK VISA details.

Thanks & Regards
Bala Prasad Howdekari

Nikhil Chitnis

Hi Meenaz,
Sorry I couldnt send u, my scanned copy of visa before as I wasnt keeping well. I am attaching my Uk PSW visa copy with this mail now. I also wanna thank u for ur help. Thanks a lot!!!

Thanking you
Nikhil Chitnis

Swapnil Rane

How are you ? Hope you're doing well.
Sorry for late reply. From last one month I was busy in my Project Go-Live activity.

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate the effort you took to this activity.
I want to meet you in your office. Please confirm your availability for tomorrow (Friday or sat-day).
I have attached my Tier-1 visa scan copy along with this mail. Please check the same.

Thanks again for everything.:) :)

With best regards,
Swapnil Rane

Romy Ashar

Dear Amyn,
It gives me immense pleasure in sharing this with you... Please find attached a scanned copy of the Tier 1 (General) Migrant Visa for UK for your reference.

Many thanks for all your efforts!!! You truly are a great professional!!!

Please do thank Meenaz too for all her help...!

Romy Ashar

Nazish Ansari

I would like to thank Immigration Solutions for helping me to obtain a Uk tier-1 visa despite the odds.

You have a very systematic and professional approach .

Especially when you take care of the minutest details and ensure that the entire visa applying process is a cake walk for your clients.

Thank you Immigration Solutions for helping me in this very important step of my life. I would never hesitate to refer you to my friends.

Kind Regards

Dipika Shetty

Dear Amyn/Meenaz,

Attached find the copy of Aashvi's visa
I would like to thank immigration solutions for helping me get my visa on time. I had really lost hopes, you guys have done a professional job in guiding me completely through the entire process

Thank you once again

Ronald Kumar


Dear Amyn,
You are simply Awesome Man! Just like your work and attitude, your personality is also Incredible . You have been extremely helpful and patient. I adore your confident and Hard work that you put in, in order to bring success in your work. I wish there are more people like you in this world who know who they are and what they are doing. You have just done a great job my friend and I am totally thankful to you. I will always refer my friends and family members to you. You are not only Excellent with you work, but you’re a Wonderful friend as well and will stay the same. Keep the good work going on and we really need people like you. You’re the Hero for people like us who walk up to you for help with our Visas. Just be the same and keep Rocking!


89 Shadwell Gardens
London, E1 2QJ

Ravindra and Manisha Patel

Dear Amyn and Meenaz,

How are you? We both got very nice jobs here.I really appreciate your efforts to make my application successful. Immigration Solutions is the best and your guidance is really excellent!!!


Sonu Bansal

Dear Amyn and Meenaz,

I would like to thank you both for the fantastic professional processing of my Tier-1 Post Study Work visa.I was granted my PSW Visa on 20th October 2011. I appreciate the services and guidance provided by you in achieving my goal and also appreciate your efforts to put me at ease whenever I had any queries. Your approach towards the entire process was very professional.

Once again, thank you!

Sonu Bansal