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Nitha Sara Cherian – Skilled Migration to Australia

my name is Nitha and I am a lecturer in Food and Nutrition working in Kottayam,Kerala. For years it had been my family‚Äôs dream to start a new life abroad. Our relentless effort all these years did not pay off, until we met Mr. Amyn Patel of Immigration Solutions, Mumbai. Ever since we approached Mr.Patel for help our path to fullfilling this dream took a smooth turn. Just as we were promised by him, it took us only 15 months to get our papers processed. Right throughout our acquaintance Mr. Amyn and his establishment have proved their extreme loyalty and sincerity in their profession. He is well informed about every procedure that lies in process of obtaining a visa. Thanks to Immigration Solutions and Mr. Patel… My family and I will soon be a part of other lucky families who have been able to start life afresh in Australia. Hence I take this opportunity as a privilege and honour to give a testimonial in favour of Mr. Patel. I would strongly recommend any family the name of Mr.Patel and his establishment.
Regards Nitha