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Vibhas Budha Rahul

Dear Amyn,
I would like to thank Immigration Solutions for all your help, advice, and support during  my application for a UK Spouse Visa.
I came to you after being rejected from my first UK spouse visa application, I needed professional help and guidance as the process of application is very complicated. After spending so much money and not receiving a positive result on my first application I was very disheartened. I was given your contact by a friend whom you had also aided with his visa application.
I came to you feeling rather dejected it is a huge setback to be refused entry of clearance to the country in which my wife is born and wishes to return to. So understandably I was disconcerted when I came to you. In the first meeting you assured me of a favorable result, and during our many meetings you always gave clear and positive advice.
Immigrations Solutions assisted with every aspect of my application, above and beyond your duty and were always ready, willing and able to answer my queries as and when I needed your support. If it was not for your vast knowledge and your genuine desire to help, then this would have not have been possible.
My UK Spouses Visa was granted in December 2009. Due to your undivided assistance and advice I was granted a little extra time on my visa to allow me to close down my work here in India before I make my journey to the UK.
Thank you so very much Amyn, for all you have done for me throughout my application process. I am truly grateful.
Yours Sincerely
Vibhas Budha Rahul.